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Howard 12/13/15

1960-1964 USAF Walmart location WASHINTON MO

Robert Rast 11/17/15

Navy Corpsman Benjamin Rast K.I.A. Helmand Province/Afghanistan 04/06/2011 Awarded Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal/Purple Heart~Never Forgotten~

Molly Tristan 11/11/15

Happy Veterans day to my brother Roy US Army, BNL James Nowell US Army and my Boyfriend Ruben Baeza Jr US Navy So proud of all of them!!

Thelma cockrell 11/11/15

My heart felt thanks to all our Service People! God be with you all.

Marla Klein Bennett 11/11/15

Sgt. Robert P. Klein (67-68) Vietnam Veteran ? SILVER STAR RECIPIENT ? Thank You and Welcome Home Love always, Geri, Robert, Tommy, Marla, Noel, Jeremy Kiley, Cameron, James, Scott and Hunter

Dorris E Thweatt 11/10/15

Happy birthday to the US Marine Corps served in World War II and Korea proud to be an American

Darleen Ruff 11/10/15

I want to thank a few Great men, my dad Frank Donald Donaldson, ( Navy ) , my Brother Bob Donaldson. (USMC ) , Husband Raye Ruff Jr. (USMC ) , brother in law, Rich Ruff , uncle Ron Donaldson, (Army ) , uncle Rick Donaldson , cuz Don't Donaldson .

Shaneta Lee 11/09/15

I salute my husband. We thank you for you and your services. We love you so much!! Love shaneta, harvey and adriana

Tama Silva 11/08/15

Thank you to all the men and women who have served.

Willene Bryan 11/08/15

Thank you Preston for serving in the Vietnam War. So proud of you

David Font 11/07/15

The proudest moment of my life was graduating boot camp!

Matt & Pam Crist 11/06/15

Thank you for your service Steven! We are so proud of you son!!

Mike Hernandez Sr. 11/05/15

U.S. Army Veteran, 1976-1979. 3rd Division Mechanized Infantry.

Albert Chapman 11/04/15

Being a veteran I too understand just how hard it is to transition from active duty to civilian life. I would like to take the time to thank my dad and uncles and cousins for inspiring me to follow in their footsteps.

Bill Arvo 10/30/15

Served in Vietnam, 1968-1969, 554th "Red Horse" Squadron U.S.A.F. Awarded.Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service

Jodi Castaneda 10/27/15

This is my best friend, my love and our hero! SGT Edgar Castaneda. We couldn't be more proud of what he does! He's an amazing soldier, husband and father!

Rob Krul 08/24/15

My hero, Dorry Mohsen. Server his country with distinguished valor in the United States Navy.

Jacob Baker 08/20/15

I would like to salute this patriot and his courageous actions both on and off the battlefield. He is the epitome of a professional Soldier and is a true hearted American and family man.

John Whalen 07/22/15

B-17 Bomber Crew hit by flak and shot down by Spitfire September 30, 1944 at Bielefield, Germany.

Roody Pooperson 06/30/15

This is my Brother, from another mother. Bestfriend since we were 10, don't worry I'm take care of your duck, we just want to wish you the best of luck. Hope you pass all of life's test just trying to wish you the best Love screech

Ralph Strickland 05/27/15

I served in the Navy from 1963-67. I would like to commend Walmart for the hiring of all military veterans. I think Walmart should also offer a military discount to all veterans and their families like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Thank you again.

Frank Bizzell 05/25/15

Frank served in the USA Army

Denise Neely 05/23/15

TSGT Joshua N Neely 201st Redhorse Squadron United States Air Force

Wendy Eigenbrod 05/19/15

I want to salute my son Airmen Jerry Webb. He is currently serving in the United States Air Force. I am so proud of his hard work and dedication and willingness to serve our country.

Russell Toth and wife Candie Glisson 05/19/15

SGT Jason A, Schumann, my wife's son. KIA19 May 2007 by an IED in Iraq. His facebook page:

Roberto Burruezo (ProGas, Inc) 05/19/15

I commend Walmart for their Veterans hiring program, I'm disappointed in their Supplier Diversity Program. I was a Walmart supplier who is a Veteran, and Minority, we were replaced by a big corp in supplying Helium.

Albert Lloyd 04/04/15

Corporal Joseph R. St.Romain served honorably as a Marine from the Marine Barracks Washington DC to the battle fields of operation Iraqi freedom. A great man, friend, and son.

Dr Doty Simpson-Taylor Sister Soldier Network Inc 01/11/15

Pfc. Lorraine Griffie, USAR, Korean Era, co-founder Sister Soldier Network, recipient citizen soldier legacy award for service to country and community. Advocate for equity and fairness in all aspects of life since 1954 discharge. 3 sons served.

Arezow Taraki Hassan 01/09/15

To my husband Omar Taraki , I am very grateful of what you doing for the country, Love you babe.....

Molly Casas 01/04/15

My Hero, My Daddy, WWII Pacific. I love and miss you so much Daddy, I wish I can hug you and tell you how much I love you. Your daughter, little Molly ??

David Cross 11/26/14

This was just November 1990 just prior to deploying from Ansbach, FRG to Kuwait for Operation Desert Shield and later Operation Desert Storm. Thanks to Walmart for making all of our Veterans welcome in the Walmart Family.

Kimberly Webster-James 11/14/14

My husband is a true hero and a great father! He served in the US Army from 2007-2012. He is truly America's hero!

Marla McDermott 11/13/14

Jim-- 1997 Baltops USS Cape St George

Marla MCDermott 11/13/14

A hero of the gulf war and an animal lover

Joshua Nelson 11/13/14

This is my battle buddy Joshua Wallen he is a good man father and friend he is an Iraq war veteran from the United States Army he also now works at the walmart distributions center in the high desert in southern California

Osvaldo Rodriguez 11/13/14

Adversity is a true judge of character.

Michael W. Watts 11/13/14

28 years of service, Retired MSG 16 years Marine Corps and 12 Years Kentucky Army National Guard

Paula Bonacker 11/12/14

To my father-in-law, Russ Bonacker, WWII Veteran and Battle of the Bulge survivor - thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Lea Hartmann 11/12/14

Long before I knew him, my husband, David Hartmann, join the National Guard at 17. He spent his summer break after his high school junior year doing Basic Training. I'm so proud of him!

Lea Hartmann 11/12/14

Watching M.A.S.H. as a kid in the 70's influenced me to become a Soldier. I proudly served as a Radiology Specialist (X-ray Tech), 91B Combat Medic, Company Clerk (just like Radar), Company Armorer, and DISCOM Soldier of the Year 1998.