Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

matthew macik 11/14/13

thank you dad my uncles brother john and nephew tom

Mom 11/14/13

My amazing son! Thank you for your self sacrifice and service to your country!

Diane Czerviski 11/14/13

For my husband, Stephen Czerviski, in honor of his 20 years of faithful service to the Air Force/PA ANG. Served 3 tours in Iraq/Kuwait. And to all the members of the 111th fighter wing. Thank you.

Linda, Shannon and Brandon Back 11/14/13


Elizabeth 11/14/13

This is my awesome son, Sebastian, and his lovely girlfriend Toria.? Sebastian deploys this week for Afghanistan. I'm so proud of him, and pray for his safety and quick return.

Robin 11/14/13

This is Robert P. Kassin. He was an E-5 in the Army. He was on his 2nd tour in Afganastan, when he was shot. He has 2 wonderful children, 1 of which is my daughter. They love and miss you!!

Wendy Gendron 11/14/13

Thanks to all who have served our country past and present including my dad Jerry F. Ragus who served in Vietnam. God bless them all!!

Valerie Foster 11/14/13

Sue Downs one of our Hero's!! The first female double amputee her Humvee was hit by an IED and her battle buddies were killed in during our Afghanistan war. She is a positive, helpful and wonderful person! Facebook page LS Downs!

Brent, MP, USAR, '86 - '95 11/14/13

So to those who fly the planes, And to those who drive the tanks, To the unknown fallen soldier... we don’t even know your name, To anyone who’s served, regardless of your rank, I just wanted you to know…Thanks

Gert Hall 11/14/13

Love and miss you

Adriana P Cintron, Lorimar Cintron 11/14/13

Will never forget our HERO! We love you Daddy SPC. Marcos A. Cintron Torres 5/19/1979 - 6/16/2011

Garland Hamlett 11/14/13

Operation Enduring Freedom 2002 SWA US Army , 1SG Retired

Molly Casas 11/14/13

In Loving Memory of my Dad, Julian L. Casas, USAAF, WWII, South Pacific, Purple Heart. My Daddy, My Hero

cbethune 11/14/13

My father, CW4 "Dangerous" Dan Sullivan. We lost him a number of years ago but will always be my hero.

Garland Hamlett 11/14/13

Operation Enduring Freedom 2002 SWA US Army , 1SG Retired

linda pilon 11/14/13

my Aunt. Mary Ellen kelly...WW2..United States Navy...Thank you aunt Mary

Jonathan Fehrenback 11/14/13

USMC OIF Veteran

Gert Hall 11/14/13

Thank you Daddy! I love and miss you everyday!

Judy Hunsucker 11/14/13

Thank You !

Carolyn Harrell 11/14/13

My honor and privilege to decorate this cake in honor of all who serve our country.

Beverly Edenfield 11/14/13

In Honor of My Grandson James still serving

Thomas Edenfield 11/14/13

In Honor of my step-father Glenn (Shorty) Harrison WWII Army Veteran

Beverly Edenfield 11/14/13

My Father Oatley Floyd Austill WWII Army Veteran Purple Heart recipient RIP Daddy 12/24/1924 to 10/26/2013 I love you & Miss you

Jeffrey Stiles 11/14/13

I was an MP in the army and was a part of the military police core. I made it to PFC (private first class) before i got honorably discharged.

deb 11/14/13

Thank you for our sons serving our country. We are very proud of both of you. Keep save Love you Mom and Dad

Teresa Guzik 11/14/13

SSG (RET) Harry V. Louque: medically retired Staff Sergeant who served combat tours in both Iraq and Kuwait. Harry was diagnosed with severe PTSD. With the help of ServiceSource, Harry was able to get his life back and gain employment. Support Vets!

Felipe Rodriguez 11/14/13

This is me, I served 15 years in the US ARMY including Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Victoria Waller my daughter 11/14/13

Proud of all my children

Burgundi Waller my daughter 11/14/13

very proud of all my children.

JUSTIN WALLER my son 11/14/13

So very proud of all my children.

Wendy 11/14/13

Sgt. William Donald Miller US Marine Corps Vietnam January 1945 - September 16, 1972

Diana Reyes 11/14/13

I salute my brother Kevin Michael Reyes USMC . So proud of you little brother. 18 years serving

Diana Reyes 11/14/13

I salute my brother Johhny Frankie Reyes UNITED STATES ARMY

Diana Reyes 11/14/13

I salute my Grandfather Frank Reyes (WWII)

Diana Reyes 11/14/13

I salute my father John Marcos Reyes USA PFC VIETNAM 1966-1968 October 8, 1948- September 12, 2010 We love you and miss you dearly.

Lisa D. Carlisle 11/14/13

Dorald Hubert Glenn (Dody) did not return from Naha Okinawa. He served in the Sixth Marine Division, Reinforced. My family salutes all service persons who have earned this medal, but specifically to the man who received this one posthumously.

Amanda 11/14/13

Scott cavett

Leanna Boone 11/13/13

This is my youngest son, Isaiah. He turned 22 this year. He is my hero because he joined the Army, not for himself, but in the hopes that someone in the future would not have to risk their life for freedom. To all the Brothers and Sisters...Whoorah!

Linda K Benware 11/13/13

I salute my grandson Kyle Alan Westfall who is serving in the Marines.

stan williams dc 6812 11/13/13

this is to honor my grandfather 1st LT martin gleason ww1 my dad cpl Stanton Williams ww2 and my uncle sgt john gleason ww2