Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

Maximo polanco 11/13/13

I served with a great bunch of guys, I hope God has them well where they at 3/6 S.T.A platoon 2nd marine division. God bless them all.

margaret 11/13/13

Thank u for save are country and are freedom

JOE TOSTO 11/13/13


Debbie Red 11/13/13

To my Daddy you were a good soilder and Daddy Thank you for all you have done fighting for me may God Bless you

David Hofstetter 11/13/13

Served navy submarrines 1976 - 1984

Michelle Barcenas 11/13/13

This is my Dad. He served in the Army and was stationed in Korea during the Vietnam War. I am very proud of my Dad. I love you Pop.

Coni Limones-Bridgman 11/13/13

So PROUD of our dad MANUEL E. LIMONES who served during WWII in the US Navy at a very young age.

Michael Weaver 11/13/13

22+ active duty years Coast Guard

Edward Butts 11/13/13

Mobilization Training, Fort Bliss Texas Wal-Mart #1321 Smithfield, NC Deploying to Afghanistan 2013-2014 NCARNG, 211th MP Company

Suzanne Murphy 11/13/13

This picture is of my Fiance David P Beardslee. This picture was taken during his Basic training. He served 16yrs in the USARMY. He is a proud American veteran. He is a hero to my children and I. I love him dearly.

Christopher 11/13/13

To my family and friends and all others who have served and are serving thank you very much for your service. Law Enforcement Officers should be recognized for their service and putting their lives on the line daily for us as well!

Sandy Williams 11/13/13

I would like to sulute my son Jon R Williams for serving in the USAF from 1985-1988. I'm thankful that in all his travels, he returned safely."Dear Lord, please look after those who are in war zones even now and bring them home safely. Amen."

Sandy Williams 11/13/13

I am very proud of my Dad, Herman W. Lewis for his devotion to his country and service in WW2. He never stopped being a Marine and was as patiotic as anyone I ever met. God bless our service men and women serving today all over the world.

Leah Bloodgood 11/13/13

Thank you to all of my brothers and sisters in arms, those serving, who have served or who are watching over us. I still stand with you, even if I cant physically any more.

sulemana mukaila 11/13/13

salute to offices thankyou for every one and god bless America.

mike guerrero 11/13/13

We love u

crystal locklear 11/13/13

Justin franks

Rosie Arnold 11/13/13

I'd like to SALUTE my son Joseph Arnold for serving our Country

Shelly Turcotte 11/13/13

My favorite hero is my father. He was a 1st Class Navy Seaman in World War II on a mine sweeper named the USS Chimo. One Christmas Eve, him and his shipmates were taking bodies out of the water after the bomb went off in Hiroshima.

Connie Nystrom 11/13/13

I salute my son, Private Taran Nystrom, United States Army.

Cathie Mars 11/13/13

Ian Sutherland (Scotty) passed away 3 weeks ago. Ian was a decorated flyer in the R.A.F. during WW2. Flying Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. Decorated with the D.F.C. by Queen Elizabeth's mother. Scotty we will miss you.

ted buxton 11/13/13

welcome to Iraq

Jose Chapa 11/13/13

Picture of my dad during his Air Force Basic Training. He served 23 years and deployed World Wide in the Defense of his Country.

Russ Reno 11/13/13

Mike Madill 29 March 1925 - 13 October 2013 was in five campaigns during World War II with the 6th Marine Infantry, 2nd Division; Tarawa, Saipan, Okinawa, Tinian and the occupation of Japan.

Jose Chapa 11/13/13

Commander of Bravo Battery, 3rd Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment.

Bobbie Whittington 11/13/13

Thanks for all you've done for our country!!!!

Sheila Absher 11/13/13

Thank you Daddy for your years of service in the Army/Air were one heck of a man...Thomas Fred Osborne....we love and miss you...

Dougie Freshington 11/13/13

Garden Grown would like to thank our veterans

Scott Heath 11/13/13

THANK YOU for your bravery and service to our country!! You are --SO-- appreciated!!!

John Delpino 11/13/13

Delpino Family's four generations and over 100 years of proud Military service: Capt (USN Retired) -Grandfather LTC (US Army Retired)-Father Major (USAF medically retired)Brother CPL (USMC)-me Capt (USN Retired)- Brother Sgt (USMC)- Son


So proud of my Son and his accomplishment,I couldn't be any more proud and Thankful for his Dedication to The United States Air Force Amen for his Safety... Love you son,... Staff Sgt Chris Beaudoin

John Delpino 11/13/13

In honor of my late Father-in-law, Franz Serdahely, 1st LT US Air Corps (medically retired from injuries sustained in WWII).

Get Er Done 11/13/13


Mary 11/13/13

This is a man who after 12 yes of being a submarine navigator during the V N era was ripped from his dedirevto retire only to become 100% disabled from the war. He's still healing and broken all these years.

Heather Allard 11/13/13

I wanna thank my cousin for everything that he has done for our country I love you cousin and we are all so proud of you.

Gilbert Morin Jr. 11/13/13

This is my Dad, Gilbert Morin Sr. when he was in the Army during World War II. He was an M.P. ( Military Police) and spent alot of time in Germany. He's 86 years old now and still physically and mentally fit, Thanks to God.

Anntionette 11/13/13

I want to salute my aunt, Stacie Bailey, for serving for this great country many years ago. I appreciate you so much. #ArmyStrong

Wayne and K.C. Callahan - Aves 11/13/13

Our thoughts and thanks got out to all those who served and to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending their countries. Wayne and K.C. Callahan-Aves Brisbane Australia Lest we Forget

Dan Cosby 11/12/13

This is my brother, Robert, who has been to Iraq five times.

Ching Williams 11/12/13

This is my son 2nd Lieutenant Edward Amadeus Williams a graduate of the Citadel The Military College of South Carolina who is currently serving as an officer with the 7th Calvary Division at Camp Casey in South Korea.