Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

Rocky Dashek 11/12/13

BM2(SW) Rocky J. Dashek U.S.Navy 1986-1998 Desert Shield/Desert Storm Vet This was a picture my wife took when a Walmart truck was passing by. Funny but true, I do not work for Walmart but I do drive 18 wheels for a living. I

Carl Ray Collier 11/12/13

I am proud to have served in the USMC and God bless all our veterans .

Heather Noble 11/12/13

Honoring my Grandpa Thomas Stone.. Thank You for serving.. .We sure do love you....

Jason Brill 11/12/13


Tonisha L. Johnson 11/12/13

To Sgt. Lewis C. Johnson, United States Air Force. I love you and miss you. Thank you for sacrificing your life for the lives of others. Your daughter, Tonisha!

Heather Noble 11/12/13

Happy veterans day grandpa Stoney. I love you, thank you for serving..

Duane Belanger 11/12/13

My hero is, CW4 Kevin M Belanger, who servered our Country honorably for 23+ years as a Kiowa Warrior Maintenance Test Pilot. Served in 3 tours in Iraq and is a Broken Wing member for skillfully returning his severely damaged bird and crew home!

Luis A. Cortes Soto SSG Ret. 11/12/13

My veteran son in Killeen Tx. You are a three time Hero for your services in Irag. God bless you, loves Dad.

Erin Blodgett 11/12/13

My husband, Shane Blodgett, served in the United States Army from 2004-2009 And did two tours in Iraq. I am so proud to be a wife of a veteran and am thankful for all the men and women who sacrifice and have sacrificed for this great nation.

Chris Holmes 11/12/13

My hero, my mom.

Chris Holmes 11/12/13

My hero, my dad.

Sharon 11/12/13

God bless you sweet baby girl. You are a strong young lady. I'm so proud of the oath you took to be a United States Marine.

Carmella Moore-Devine 11/12/13

These are my 2 Sons Arthur and Paul. I am so proud of you both. Art is a Navy Veteran and Paul is active Army SFC. You will be honored each day not only on Veterans Day and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. God Bless all of You.

Rob De Smith 11/12/13

My son is Greg De Smith of the United States Air Force. He has been active in the Military for almost two years now. He serves in Colorado.

Cynthia 11/12/13

I am so thankful for the 22 years my husband dedicated to the Air Force! He is a wonderful father and husband.. It is the men and women like him that make this country wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Molly Barrett 11/12/13

My husband was in the vetnan war.. I'm thankful what he and other's like him did for this great country..I'm thankful he came home and I got to meet him and fall in love with him..

Joan Petersen (Rogers) 11/12/13

I'm posting this in honor of my daddy, Don Rogers, a WWII Vet. He is 91yrs young!

Alex Tickey 11/12/13

My grandfather in WWII Vladimir Tickey. Thank you for your service in WWII, 3 tours Vietnam & Korea. Love you, Alex ????

Estela Gloria 11/12/13

I wanna thank my cousin for everything that he have done for our country I love you cousin and we miss you thank you.

Kellie Guidry 11/12/13

I could not be more proud of my son, Lcpl. Christopher Bergeron. Oohrah, Marine!

Jose Rivera 11/12/13

I wanna thank my cousin for everything that he have done for our country I love you cousin and we miss you thank you.

Stephyne Guthy 11/12/13

George W Bloom (Sport) WW2 Best grandfather in the world miss his stories of his time overseas! GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVE

Jimmy Prouty 11/12/13

So proud of our son, Codi, who graduated from Air Force basic training on 8 November!

Anthony Korus 11/12/13

This photo of me was at FT Dix, New Jersey getting ready for our deployment.

Michelle Garner 11/12/13

In honor of my late husband, SFC Larry R. Garner. He was combat deployed several times and just loved his time and brothers at 3rd Ranger Bat.. R.I.P

Mitchell Lovett 11/12/13

I am a proud veteran who nows calls Walmart my family. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that recognizes the sacrifice and commitment of our soldiers to the greatest country in the world.

Mildred 11/12/13

I salute my wonderful husband, retired Master Chief Lance Goolsby, Sr., who served faithfully, 30 years in the United States Navy. May God bless all who are serving and have served their country.

John Delpino 11/12/13

My Dad, Robert A. Delpino, LTC Retired US Army Infantry (b1/17/21, d 10/11/12) . Served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

JoEllen Barr 11/12/13

I would like to salute my Dad who was in the Navy and Merchant Marines during WW II. My dad was proud of the time he served and often shared stories of the military with his children. Love and miss you Dad.

Trish Larkin 11/12/13

My sister is Lt. Col. Fran Oleen of the National Guard and has been active in the military since 1990. She is currently the commander of the 190th Air Refueling Group. She has served overseas twice during her service and I am so proud of her!

loud Dean Bradley Jr 11/12/13

My nephew was a great soldier to he got there and had to go very of him to

Diana Wiley 11/12/13

My grandson, Michael J Reitano.

Debbie Gordoski 11/12/13

My Husband John Gordoski

NATE 11/12/13

Thank you veterans and ones who are over seas especially the ones who gave their lives for crossing the sea for crossing the battlefield for passing comrades and enemies just to give us freedom THANK YOU FOR FREEDOM.

Kathy Bonewits 11/12/13

I want to personally thank all of the men and woman who fought for our country. My sister and husband both served our country. Below is a picture of my husband.

Solomon Hansbury 11/12/13

Salute A Hero

Michele Kasser 11/12/13

My wonderful husband. Sgt Michael Kasser. Thank you and I love you

Kari Hodges 11/12/13

My son R. Joshua Hodges, Petty Officer 3rd Class United States Coast Guard.

Kari Hodges 11/12/13

My son, Now a Specialist E4 R Morris, stationed Fort Bliss. This picture was taken before he boarded the plane to Afghanistan, 2011.

Kari Hodges 11/12/13

My son, now a SSgt. C. Morris, USAF, stationed in the UK.