Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

matt hernandez 11/12/13

I wa.t salute my neice Courtney hernandez who started basic training today

Robert Hollingsworth 11/12/13

Thanks, for being there!

Judith Otter 11/12/13

I would like to thank my Dad for his service to our country! Thank you Dad for being an upstanding patriot, Veteran, father, husband and grandfather! I love you!

Lisa Weinstein 11/12/13

93 year old father, grandfather and great-grandfather. WWII air force veteran. So proud to call him my grandfather. So thankful for all our veterans.

debbie reynolds 11/12/13

Sgt. Lindsey D. McCoy, Jr. We are so proud of you!!!

Chantel Lenski 11/12/13

My sister is currently deployed in Afghanistan and we couldn't be more proud of the job she is doing! We miss and love her so much and cannot wait for her to return home safely! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Bobbie Shock 11/12/13

I want to recognize my father. He was in the Navy until 1969 when he retired. He passed last year, August 1, 2012. God Bless you Daddy. Love and Miss you still so much.

E. McKnight 11/12/13

For my daughter, who left her two children in our care to serve in Afghanistan. We are so proud of you.

Mohammad faheem jaffar 11/12/13

I proud on us milletry,I thought the us army is the army of god . God bless usa .

F. Bailey 11/12/13

I would like to thank everyone past and present, friends, and family who has served out country! On a special note i would also like to thank a very special guy, teacher, veteran, father and husband who passed from us yesterday. You will be missed!

Troy Trigg & Judith Schwink 11/12/13

We wan't to take a moment to wish all Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Be Safe to all the men and women protecting us each every day and night. Thank You and God Bless You and God Bless America. Come home safe.

Bobby Bertuca 11/12/13

I am very proud of the service my family has contributed. In the middle, my father who served 26 years in the Air Force. On the right is my brother who served 20 years in the Army. I am on the left and served 9 years in the Navy.

Jodi Prohofsky 11/12/13

To Lt. E.G. Prohofsky -- thank you for your service so many years ago and leaving our family a ptriotic legacy.

Beth Frank 11/12/13

My brother, Curtis Kinzie, US Army. Served in Desert Storm and the reserves. Thank You for serving our country. God Bless You!

Beth Frank 11/12/13

My Uncle, Daniel Trew served two tours in Vietnam. He just passed away. RIP Uncle Danny and thank you for your service.

Kristina Sears Saka 11/12/13

Thank you Jessica Littlejohn(sister), Karen Littlejohn(mother), and Scott Littlejohn(father) for your many years of service! !

Frank D. West 11/12/13

Special thanks to my fellow veterans for their sacrifice and devotion to the greatest nation on Earth. There is no greater honor than to be included in such a special group!

Timothy Griggs 11/12/13

My dad Viet Nam 1967.

Norma Pollard 11/12/13

Thank you all for serving our country AMERICA can be FREE. God Bless All!!!!!

AleSandra Garza 11/12/13

This is my Sailor and the love of my life! I'm so proud of him. I love you and miss you Tres Garza

tami oliver 11/12/13

my brother rick doyle us army served in desert storm and served in afganastand his tour been done now home for 3/4 years now his familiy is so proud of him

Rae Terrock 11/12/13

Thank You for serving our country. God Bless You and keep you safe.

cobena S. Dick (Scotty) 11/12/13

Dad served WW2, I Served (WAC'S) Viet-Nam era, Husband served in Viet-Nam, our 2 sons US-AF with 22 yrs and 12yrs . we come from a long line of proud American Serving Country. Its a shame our Government won't

Chante 11/12/13

To my friend Rhonda for you did in service and my cousin Gary all you do.

ROSEMARY 11/12/13


Leonard R. Flores 11/12/13

I would like to salute all veterans from all Service from a Vietnam Veteran myself. Thank You for your dedicated service.

charlene Dalton Senna 11/12/13

my husband

Ann moreno 11/12/13

My dad Jackson taylor served in airforce r.i.p. dad

jamilynn hanson 11/12/13

I am so proud of our Veterans and their families for all they have endured for our freedom. But most of all i am proud of my dad, Ret.SSGT JACK W HANSON

Amanda 11/12/13

Sid Scalisi. Just like a brother to me. I couldnt have asked for a better one!

Scot Roseman 11/12/13

Recently Retired and proud to have served this Great Nation. To all my brother and sisters in Arms and those who have served before me, thank you all for your service.

Robin Marceau 11/12/13

Donna Martinez.

George Laster 11/12/13

USAF 1960 - 1964

Ricki-Lynn Coulter 11/12/13

My husband, Mikie. He served the US Army for 4yrs. I want to say, "Thank you" to him and every member of the military. Also, a special "THANKS" to the family members who stand strong while their loved ones are away fighting for our beloved country.

Robin Marceau 11/12/13

Donna Martinez is a veteran working at 1474 in Yuma Az.She is as hard working an individual as anyone could hope to work with.I'd like to challenge every associate to join me on military holidays,to buy a veteran a beverage as a Thank You.

Jennale Liston 11/12/13

Husband & Father... Our Hero..!!! Coming home from Afghanistan, Oct 2013

Larry E. Hart 11/12/13

This is a Picture of Clarence E. Hart, Larry E. Hart and Daniel L. Welsh, Sr.

sharon rozmiarek 11/12/13

My husband staff sergeant Joseph M. Rozmiarek, David Rozmiarek his brother both served in Vietnam. Frank Rozmiarek there dad and their two uncles August Rozmiarek and George Bonn both served in World War II

Cyndi Neuman 11/12/13

My Daddy fought in the Korean war. God rest his soul. He was a very patient father, and a great friend to everyone who knew him. I thank all veterans for putting their lives on the line for our freedom.

Robert Cantwell 11/12/13

I am proud to have served 23 years in the Armed forces, I work @ store # 1858 In Montevideo Mn