Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

Carrie Smith 11/12/14

I'd like to salute my husband and hero, Maj. Toby S. Smith. He bravely served 23 years including 7 deployments overseas. He is now a member of the Walmart family! "One team, One fight!"

Trefon Mackrides 11/12/14

U S Air Force , Vietnam , 1965 / 66 President L. B. Johnson presenting medal.

JESSE L. MORRIS 11/12/14

Proudly served in the United States Air Force from September 20, 1972 to October 1, 1992. For God and Country.

DeAndre Young 11/12/14

I'm one of the less than the 1% of America that swore on the constitution to protect our nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

homayon abdulmatin 11/12/14

Thank you so much from walmart to give me chance for introduction my self and i am a afghan man to working with USAID projects in Afghanistan and now i am living in united state of America i am so lucky to can join your program thank you walmart

Curtis Lane 11/12/14

This solider has done 25 years of military service and is enjoying a well deserved retirement.

Theresa Allen 11/12/14

I served ten years. A Desert Storm, 1ST ID soldier. I am proud to have served. Thank you for supporting us and giving something to come home to! HOOOAH!

John Stanley 11/12/14

Served Indiana National Guard 2004-2010; U.S. Army Reserves 2010-2013. OIF 2008-2009; OEF 2013.

Sidney Sykes III 11/12/14

My dad, Chief Sidney Sykes, is my role model and an outstanding Sailor who has served our country over 20 years. He taught me everything I know and now I am following his footsteps as a U.S. Navy Sailor. Thanks Dad for just being great.

SSG (RET) Timothy Young 11/12/14

To my family , friends and all those who served in the military or supported the military. Happy Veteran's Day U.S. Army 1994-2014 Freedom!

Edward Dahlgren 11/12/14

My father (Fredick Dahlgren) and his brother (Albert Dahlgren) landed on the beach in Normandy during the US invasion on D-day, and was in a German prison camp mining coal for 2.years. May both be remembered as heros.

Anthony Schultze 11/12/14

He served in Iraq during OIF he did a 12 month deployment. As an infantryman.

Dion Cole 11/12/14

Body and mind: your sacrifice for us is appreciated and immeasurable !!

Ken Johnson 11/12/14

Doc "JJ" Johnson Rocks!

Michelle Green - ISD 11/12/14

This is my Great Uncle Clifford 'Cliff' Henzler. He was a Grade Tech 5 with the Army 6th Station hospital in PTO during WW II.

Debra Marie Beaupre 11/11/14

Early Spring of 1967, my Dad's 1st visit home to see me in Bristol, New Hampshire at my Grandfather Powden's house! — with Dad - Albert Z Beaupre II.

Roy Hunter 11/11/14

Recognizing SSG Charra Johnson US Army. She is an accounting associate and has been working for Walmart for 12 years now. November 11 is her 13 year anniversary, she joined 2 months after 9/11.

Marybeth Holden 11/11/14

Thank you Pap Pap (Joseph Swall Jr.) and all of our brave service men/women for your service to our country. God Bless!

Kenny Krause 11/11/14

We are so proud of our son Specialist Michael Krause . Of New Albany ,Indiana 12b combat engineer

Vicky Lilze 11/11/14

Thank you grandpa for your service

Marybeth Holden 11/11/14

Thank you to all who have served and are serving our country. Especially my grandpa, Frank Gillispie. God bless!

Tracie L 11/11/14

To all who have served this great country, thank you and may God continue to bless you.

Swannie Nuque 11/11/14

I proudly salute my brother Senior Master Sergeant Ponciano S. Nuque for his service and sacrifice to our country????????

Annie Hicks 11/11/14

Thanks to all the individuals that have served of country. Also a special shout out to my dad, Richard Telles, US Marine Corp.

Denise Pollock 11/11/14

Thank You to all of our Veterans for their selfless Service. From this very grateful family of Veterans: (l-r) Navy ADC Jim (lt), Navy AD2 Denise (lb), and Army SPC Devon Pollock (r)

Pamela Salazar 11/11/14

I am a the proud wife of Jose Angel Salazar an Army Veteran who served his country. I love you

Susana Nuque Francisco 11/11/14

Big Thanks baby brother, Master Sergeant Ponciano S. Nuque for your service and sacrifice! We're so proud of you! "Air Power Airforce Man!"

Susan Nuque Francisco 11/11/14

We Salute you with "Honor & Respect". . . Brother!

Ann Bordelon 11/11/14

So proud of my father, Colonel H.L. Glosup, a career army officer, and Vietnam vet.

Michelle Green - ISD 11/11/14

This is my Great Uncle Woodford 'Woody' Carlisle. He was Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. On December 7, 1941, he was on the USS Enterprise which was out to sea during the attacks of Pearl Harbor. He served 40 years.

Walmart 11/11/14

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to everyone who has shared on the Wall of Honor.

Patricia W. 11/11/14

Thank You to all veterans who have served to ensure our freedoms, and especially my Uncle George Fullam, and Nephew Stephen Wood who served and are serving this great nation.

Billie Routh 11/11/14

My cousin and buddy, Chris Hellums. Thank you!!

Arlene Gill 11/11/14

Thank you.for all your sacrifices you have made. Being away from family. May GOD bless you always. I love you both. Mom

bernie fiedler 11/11/14

Proud to have served in the United States Marine Corps-1959 to 1963

Abril Luna 11/11/14

Thanks to my good friend Sgt.Luis Enrique Gutierrez

virginia stoner 11/11/14

thank you so much for your service . my husband was in viet nam so i understand the sacrifice you are making

Debra Marie Beaupre 11/11/14

store #1544 I was a Military Wife also - my two sons' deceased dad

Debra Marie Beaupre 11/11/14

tL - my Grandfather, Albert Zalas Beaupre, I USNavy SeaBee tR - my Father, Albert Zalas Beaupre II USNavy E-7 BL - my brother, Albert Zalas Beaupre II USArmy - disabled BR - my brother, Peter Anthony Beaupre Sr. USNavy - E-6 retired

Meredith Draper 11/11/14

Thomas Edwin Branch Thank you for your service. You are loved and missed!