Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

Gilbert Salazar Jr. 11/07/14

Saluting our hero, my Dad, proud Korean Veteran. RIP

Belinda Cooley 11/07/14

I salute all the men and women in my family that have put on a uniform both military and domestic.

Doug McMillon 11/07/14

Grateful to my father, Morris McMillon, for his service in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. Proud of you Dad! A huge thank you to all those recognized by their loved ones on this wall.

Brittany Clark 11/06/14

Boyd Clark, Jr. A sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Continued serving in Afghanistan after being injured in combat. A true American hero.

Robyn Ryan Hunkeapillar 11/06/14

Sgt Robert Donald Ryan, United States Army. My son, my heart and our hero. Thank you for your service.

Vern Albright 11/06/14

Brandon Buttry who gave his life for our country in 2012 and Larry Albright our son who served in the Navy -

Patricia Higginbotham 11/06/14

Meet USAF Retired Tsgt Lucian (Sam) L Higginbotham. Born January 31, 1938, EOW May 3, 2010. He served proudly as did two of his sons, one Marine and one Army.

Melody Green 11/06/14

my son! Proud Army mom!

Melody Green 11/06/14

my brother Rip

Ashley Zebley 11/06/14

We are so very grateful for your service for our country!

Ms. Teresa A. Walker 11/05/14

Each time I think back to Desert Shield/Storm, I am proud to have served and thankful that those went before me and others that we may live free.

CJ Tabor 11/05/14

For my brother and my cousins who are serving. Thank you for all you do. God bless you and continue to keep you safe.

Don Hall SSGT Retired (USMC) 11/04/14

Thank you for your service and may God bless you and your family.

Gary Stottlemire 11/03/14

I served in Vietnam from Dec 7, 1967 to Dec 14, 1968. Got my discharge May 1970.

Leslie Palacio 11/03/14

My Hero my everything, Thank You

R J Batchelder 09/15/14

Proudly serving in the US Navy

Richard Bachtel 06/15/14

My Grandfather was In the Spanish Civil War World War I In France . My Dad was in The World War II D-Day invasion of Normandy, France.Miss Them .

Vic Gilardin 06/13/14

Served in Vietnam, 69-70, proud to serve, 25 years retired, U.S. Army.

Karen Henderson 06/10/14

God bless you for protecting the U.S.A.. and all family.'s here and all the American s that work oversea 's..

matt hernandez 06/07/14

Honoring Courtney hernandrz

Rachel Chouinard 05/30/14

My husband Spc.Samuel Chouinard is my hero. He has been on active duty for 9 years :) and still going strong. We love you baby :)

Pamela Nunooruk 05/27/14

I would like to Honor both of My Dad's, Howard and Frank Nunooruk! " Thank You " both for Your Service! I Love You, Your Daughter and Family!

tracy elaine ball 05/26/14

My hero, my dad... miss you dad.

Reggie Houser & Rhonda Houser 05/26/14

Proud to post the name of our Son, Senior Airman Christopher Houser. Having served in Afghanistan, he is back in Valdosta, GA serving with the base Honor Guard. We are very proud of him and the job he is doing in service to our country.

tracy elaine ball 05/26/14

Miss you dad . Virgil Stanley thompson

Heather Anderson 05/26/14

This is a picture of my family. The tall red headed gentleman is my father. He served in the United States Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran. I just want him to know how thankful and proud I am. He is Jim Norton United States Veteran and my hero!!!

Wende Lyman 05/26/14

In memory of Gary Townsend. Lost in Vietnam, I think of you every day.

Jeanie O'Brien, Flowers 05/26/14

My dad Ralph O'Brien was a army vet in the Korean War he was in the battle@Pork Chop Hill where 150 men went over&only 5 men came back he defended our freedom with courage&gave us hope for our nations future proud of u dad love you

stephen ishwaridas 05/26/14

He went to the navy but got injuries, as a young man he was bold enough to take that challenge but sad to say he was injured. I salute him

Sami Sue Welch 05/26/14

In memory of John Walter Welch, Jr. Flight engineer B-17 "Chigger"

Desiree Paiz 05/26/14

To the greatest hero I know, Raul E. Paiz, decorated Vietnam war veteran, Army, 196 LIB, Americal Division, thank you Raul and to all your buddies whom have helped me achieve my degree, I will always love you!

Dorothy Mcdonald 05/26/14

In loving memory if my son! LCP TREY JABLONOWSKI USMC 06/08/1990 05/11/2014! MY HERO MY SON!

Martha flores 05/26/14

I like to thank all the millitary crowd Very proud of my son Salvador flores & wife Paula Velez veterans from USA Navy

Weedlord Bonerhitler III 05/26/14

Please honor my grandfather, Weedlord Bonerhitler, who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy.

Laura Henry 05/26/14

I recognize Tony Fantasia-Navy. Tony is a 25 year Wal-Mart employee & a Navy vet.

Amanda Emerick 05/26/14

My husband, Sgt. Emerick, USMC Iraq war Veteran, USS COLE amongst many other missions. He is my and our children's hero. We lost so many friends and he lost so many "brothers" never to be be honored always. Semper Fi!

Rose Raintree 05/26/14

A salute for Robert J Ryan who served as a marine during the Vietnam conflict, He is the one standing in front of the horses

Just a proud mom 05/26/14

Kyle dowell and best friend ( R. I. P . .Don)

lourdes 05/26/14

I honor and respect all those heroes that passed and still serve. But I have a soft spot for my son Ruben DelValle. He served when the war in Iraq first started in the 101 Screaming Eagles. Now he serves daily as a policeman for our city.

christian 05/26/14

My daddy served in the us army from 1987 till 1991 then a few years in idaho national guard he was there for the first wwar desert storm