Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

J McDonald 05/26/14

So proud if you Donna

Nona Billingsly Greenlee 05/26/14

In loving memory of my father, PFC Zellner O. Billingsly, US Army WWII. Received many war medals- one was the Bronze Star for an act of bravery- shooting down an enemy plane. My true American Hero! 4/2/1919-5/15/2015

billy jeffers 05/26/14

I have served 3 yrs. In the army and been to Iraq but I am home in Arkansas now

billy jeffers 05/26/14

I would like to honor my husband he has served 3 yrs. In the army and went to Iraq but he is back home now

Brenda Judson 05/26/14

My nephew was killed in Afghanistan in 2006 he was a very brave man . I miss him very much and Thank him all the other many men and women that have fought and who are still fighting today. God Bless each and everyone of you. THANK YOU!

April Bourg 05/26/14

SSgt. Donald P. Bourg Thanks for your 20 years in the Marine Corps and thank you Walmart for hiring him! (1 1/2 years)

Kristi Walker 05/26/14

My husband, Donald Walker, served his second tour the year our oldest boy turned 2. This picture just shows how much the kids serve also. Love you to the big panda & back thank you for everything

Steve Lemke 05/26/14

Thank You Dad, for serving in the Marines. I Love You Alot. Your the best a daughter could ask for

Sally 05/26/14

I thought the purpose of today was to buy stuff at Walmart? How many veterans are being forced to work today at Walmart?

Scott Zoll 05/26/14

Thank You for serving our country

bridget bergeron 05/26/14

I want to take the time and honor my uncle Garry Ellis Sr. He served and helped over 3500 veterans from the war ships... Good or Bad he took cared of his fellow veterans... God Bless him and who are serving and who has served

Stephanie 05/26/14

To my son SFC Jerod Broten, you have served your country honorably for almost 14 years, you have seen what most of us have or never will see. You are my hero! Always be proud of who you are and what you have done.

Robert Brogren 05/26/14

My dad....SFC Warren L. Brogren.

Richard Strack 05/26/14

In honor of my father William B Strack, WWII Veteren, USMC Semper Fe, he is now 87 & served in Japan & Korea, and my Son-In-Law Brian Mowry serving in the USAF now in Germany. Thank's for your service to this country.

Becky Stephens 05/26/14

In memory if my dad, James A. Tackett, US Navy. He served in Operation Deep Freeze in Antartica.

T. J. Powers 05/26/14

Thank you to all military members, past and present. I served in Vietman, March 1967 to December 1967, U. S. Navy, aboard the U. S. Boston, a heavy guided Missel Cruiser. If you cant stand behind our troup's, feel free to step in front of them.

Regina Gross Taylor 05/26/14

My hero is my father SSGT Green E. Gross, U.S. Army Retired. My father was a veteran of World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War.The fact that he fought for a country that considered him a second class citizen makes him a hero in my eyes.

diane bikerpebbles 05/26/14

thank you to my dad, brother, father-in-law

Susan Bright 05/26/14

thank you to my grandson Andrew who is serving in Korea and than you to my Uncle Ted who paid the ultimate price and Thank you to my father , husband, father-in-law and my other 2 uncles for serving in time of war I Love you all and etern

Proud Father 05/26/14

My son and our hero, Served In Afghanistan and is now a police officer here at home. Thanks to all that serve and have served our great nation.

Catherine Jackson D'Alessandro 05/26/14

Nathaniel Chaires was my 5th great grandfather who fought in the American Revolution to make us free.

Lisa Murdock 05/26/14

My Uncle Kenny who gave his all in Vietnam. Thank you to all who have served and to all who have lost their lives. <3

Judy Logan 05/26/14

To my sons. You are my heros

Lisa Hostrander 05/26/14

My father Mike Elliott, Vietnam vet, to me the greatest man ever and the one I salute this memorial day!!!!

ANN L MCNEIL 05/25/14


Carolin Bier 05/24/14

God Bless those who served and the ones who are now serving. These are the men and woman giving us our FREEDOM to celebrate this Memorial Day!!

Jack Sutton 05/24/14

To my two brothers; and, all who still serve: Well Done!

MSGT. (RET) David N. Hargis 05/23/14

Served 27 years in the U.S. Air Force. Proud to have served.

Karrie Palmer 05/23/14

This picture is of my Husband, David Palmer Jr. He was apart of OIF in 07-08 with the 145FA. He is my hero!

Lynn Rubin 05/21/14

I love you Michael Smallwood for all you do for this country. Your a great sergeant to the USA Army.

Leslie Palacio 05/19/14

God you gave me a gift not only to me but to the United States of America, my son , please bring Corporal Palacio back home safe to us.

Brenda Lewis-Thompson 05/19/14

I would like to salute all of our brave service men, women, and their families for the sacrifices that they have all made to keep our country safe. God Bless each and everyone of you.

Deborah Engles 05/18/14

Thank you so much for your service, it means so much to me! :)

Pamela Ortiz 05/18/14

Thank you, 2nd Lt. Joshua C. Roberts USMC, for continuing the family tradition of military service.

James Luper sr. 05/18/14

myself , store 5445

John Wesley Vrana II 05/18/14

Served from 1987 - 1997 Some of the best times of my life!

Billy Thornton 05/18/14

Thank you son for keeping this country free. I'm proud of you. You deserved to be called a disabled Military Vet.

Billy Thornton 05/18/14

Thank you son for keeping this wonderful country safe. I am sorry that your injury cut your commitment so short. I am proud and honored to call you my son. You deserve to be a retired vet.

Donald E shaw 05/18/14

Served in DESERT STORM August 2nd 1990 thru March 31 1991 abord USS John F Kennedy CV-67.

Paula A. Tomey-Allen 05/17/14

My father CMSGT Max H. Tomey, USAF Ret., USN WWII - With 23 years of exceptional military service, he exemplified the meaning of a True American Hero. Thank you dad! Miss you!