Saluting Heroes Together

Wall of Honor

Constance Onofre 05/17/14

I would like to honor all of our doctors and nurses from all the wars, past and present! Without them, we wouldn't have some of our soldiers back with us today.

Kevin Wensing 05/16/14

GM2 James E. Breen, USN served as a nuclear weapons tech in a special unit from 1953-1961, aboard the aircraft carriers, USS ESSEX and USS WASP. His family & friends salute his dedicated service.

Donald Patterson 05/15/14

Served in the years 1953 Ill National Guard, also Served United States Marine Corps 1955-1959 Cold War Veteran Working in Walmart Alpena Mi Store 2358

Chasidy Norman 05/15/14

My father Roy S. Belcher (SFC Retired Army). My hero yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. May he rest in heaven! I love you papacita. Gone but never forgotten 4/15/1955-7/20/2013

Pamela Belcher 05/14/14


Chris Hazard 05/09/14

Here You Are Dad! Raring to go! It's 1944 Go Get' Em "Pops!"

jason dority 05/04/14

Nathan Owens just saying thank you and we love you

amy Mitchell 04/20/14

He has been a lot of places to protect out country. Myself and our 2 kids r glad he had the will power to do what he did. Thank u love of my life for doing what u did.

Ryan Otero 04/08/14

I just want to thank my very good friend Lauren for what she does every day. Thank you for your Service and for everything you do every day. You're in our thoughts and prayers everyday!

Juanita M Carter 04/02/14

I would like to honor my husband he is in the US Navy. He has served in the Gulf on 5 deployments He is Petty Officer First Class CM1(SCW) Carter Bryant P sr ..

Denis Day 01/13/14

Proud of my son Colin for his selfless service.

Elmo B. Viar 01/02/14

Serviced from 1970 to 1989

Michael Cardinale 12/18/13

This is my Brother, my soldier, . Currently serving in Florida The whole family supports your decisions and is so proud of you..

Ranee Wike 12/17/13

I would like to honor my husband Steve. He served in the Vietnam war and passed away in July 2013 due to Leukemia which was caused from agent orange. R.I.P. my sweet husband.m

Natasha Pickard 12/13/13

He is our HERO. He was wounded April 20,2010 while on patrol in Iraq. His stregnth and determination is an inspiration to our family.

Amber Yurkonis 12/11/13

Army SSG Earl Granville was on his third deployment when a roadside bomb left him with severe leg injuries in Afghanistan.While returning to the FOB, he was thrown from the vehicle when a roadside bomb exploded, killing 2 of the other passengers.

Amber Yurkonis 12/11/13

My POP POP PFC George Klick, Combat Engineer in WWII, You left me way too soon but so grateful for the time I had with you...until we meet again, Love You Angel <3

Amber Yurkonis 12/11/13

SPC Derek Holland KIA 6/3/08 Always in our Hearts "A man with his head held high and a man with his head held low both have the ability to see what's in front of them. But the man with his head held high can see Farthest." SPC Derek Holland

Amber Yurkonis 12/11/13

My husband, SSG Jamey Yurkonis, home on leave from his deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, gives a grieving Gold Star Mother a moment of comfort at her son's funeral. SPC Derek Holland KIA 6/3/08. Never Forgotten.

Shonda 12/10/13

I salute all Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families. Thank you.

miranda hester 12/10/13

this is my boyfriend josh and I'm so proud of him for what he does. love you sweetheart

Linda Sansoni 12/07/13

Richard Anthony Sansoni - uncle

Linda Hoffman 12/07/13

Uncle. A career Air Force man.

Patricia Ballestero 12/06/13

My Son: 2 tours in Afghanistan and once to Iraq. I'm so glad he made it home.

Elaine Lynn 12/04/13

Thank you so much for your service. You are greatly appreciated. Praying for all of our military. God bless and keep you.

Darena (Homer) Ah Quin 11/29/13

This is my dad Bruce B Homer, he is my hero. He served in the navy during the Bay of Pigs.

Brian Coleman 11/28/13

SPC. Chad Derek Coleman K.I.A 08/27/2010 at the age of 20. Chad was born a soldier and from early on knew he wanted to protect his country, family and friends from our enemies.

lisawillett 11/27/13


Margaret Goldschmidt 11/27/13

This is my Son, SPC Zachary Vititoe. He is currently on his first tour in Afghanistan. His Duty Station is Vilseck, Germany serving with the Comanche Troop, 2nd Calvary.

Joel & Veronica Dilbert 11/25/13

We would like to Salute our son Michael who is a Sgt. in the US Army. He has accomplished so much and we are so proud of what he has done.

Geri 11/24/13

My son Spc. Mark J. Downer was an Army Medic. He was KIA on August 5, 2011 in Afghanistan. He will never be forgotten, he was a hero that saved many lives and fought for his country. He will be terribly missed by his family

Helen Nahoopii 11/24/13

I served as a Dental Assistant in the US ARMY between 1975-1978 at Fort Huachuca, AZ. I was honorably discharged and earned a Good Commendation Medal and an Honorary Service members Award. Thank you for acknowledging service members!

Diane Lacau 11/24/13

Proud of my Dad, Benjamin Franklin Brown who served in the Army in the mid 1940's. Love you Dad and all you've taught me about life and patriotism.

Diane Lacau 11/24/13

Proud of my Viet Nam Veteran who served in 1969-1970. We've been together all these years and I'm thankful for our life together.

Sandra Shrader 11/23/13

I would like to say Thank you to my brother Ray E. Hughes for his service to the USA in the Air Force 1956- 1958.

Jerald Harris 11/23/13

My Father. WWII war vet. Went to be with our Lord November 30th 2010. My Hero.

Sandra Shrader 11/23/13

To thank my husband Richard S. Shrader for his service in the Vetnam War.

Sandra Shrader 11/23/13

I would like to Honer Staff Sargent Nathaniel A. Bailey for his service to our USA , for his service and dedication. He in now stationed in 29 Palms CA .

Sadie Todd 11/22/13

Would just like to say Thank you to my husband Wayne Todd for your service to our country!

brenda brown 11/22/13

for my little brother, michael david masters 25 years Navy you are a wonderful man thank you